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What printer size do you recommend for your models?

300 x 300 x 400 millimeter print beds work for all of my models. If you have a smaller print bed, you may need to slice your model to fit your printer.


What printer do you use?

I use the Creality CR10 Pro V2 and the Fusion F410 3D printers for my work.   If you order a print from me, it will usually be done in ABS on the Fusion F410.   The Fusion is about 4x faster than the Creality.


What print settings do you use?

I print at 40% infill with some supports depending on the model and at a .2 layer height. Heat settings vary based on filament and model of printer, there are programs and websites that can help you determine the optimal temperature. 


What filament do you recommend?

I recommend Atomic Filament and Hatchbox PLA. I find these two brands give me the best quality prints. I can print products in either ABS or PLA filament.


Do you print products other than masks?

Yes, I can print pretty much anything. I have done magnets, figurines, props, logos, helmets, etc. Prices will vary depending on what product you want printed, it’s size, how much filament it uses and the time it takes to print your project.


What software do you use?

For my 3D art, I use ZBrush and Blender.  For my digital art, I use MediBang Paint.  For slicing, I use Cura for mine Creality printer, and I use Reactor for the Fusion printer.


How can I buy your products?

I sell my .stl files on my etsy shop. I sell my digital art prints on my RedBubble shop. If you are interested in physical prints of any available 3D models, send me a private message via the “Contact Us” form, or email at


What file formats do you sell?

I sell .stl files on my etsy shop, but if you want a different file format, let me know and I can make arrangements.


Do you do “one-off” prints/models?

My models are available for anyone to purchase and download. Unless you purchase exclusive rights to the print/model.  Contact me if you want a special order, or need exclusive model rights.


I’m having trouble opening the files I downloaded from the etsy shop. What can I do?  

Some of the larger files available on my etsy shop are compressed via 7Zip. You will need to install this program to open the files. 

Some of my models are compressed into .001 7Zip files. You will need to join them with all of the numbered files (.002, .003, etc) to access the STL files. This Article ( should help with decompressing these types of files.


Do you sell physical prints? 

Yes. I sell physical prints of any models available in my etsy shop. You can find which ones are currently available and for sale on my social media.  If you do not see a print offered, reach out and we can discuss what it will cost to print any you see on my site.  


Where do you ship to?

At this time, I only ship within North America


Do you make custom 3D models?

Right now, I am focusing my business on the models available in my etsy shop and seen on my website. If you are interested in discussing a custom model, please message me privately so we can work through the details.


How can I pay you?

I accept payment through PayPal or Venmo. Private message me with your contact information for details.


Do you take payment plans?

I prefer to take payment in full at time of purchase. It’s easier to track on my end. I am not set-up to create or track extensive payment plans at this time. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, I have worked with clients individually to set up partial payments or half payments with the product shipped once all monies including shipping costs have been received.. 


Do You Take Commissions for fully completed costumes?

I do not take on commission work for making completed costumes.


What size of 3D printer are your models compatible with?

I make most of my models compatible with a 300x300x400 millimeter print bed volume. I can slice my models to fit smaller machines upon request.