Digital and Physical Artwork

Featuring Birds, Dinosaurs, Dragons
and Mythical Creatures


DragonArtist15 is a digital art company. Founded in 2020, we specialize in creating and selling custom 3D digital files for 3D printing, 3D masks and 2D digital artwork. Our featured products include, but are not limited to, various bird/avian, dog/canine, cat/feline, dinosaur/reptilian species and fantasy creations. We also take commissions.

The Artist behind DragonArtist15

DragonArtist15 is a digital artist who started drawing at the age of 2. Back then, he used markers, crayons and paint. He has always loved drawing and creating and found it was a great way express his feelings and relax. His art has always reflected his interests at the time -whether that’s insects, video game characters, dragons, fantasy creatures, birds or dinosaurs. The COVID-19 pandemic created a unique opportunity to learn new platforms and take his art to another level. During that time, he learned Medibang Paint, Blender, Maya, and Z-Brush which laid the foundation for starting his new company and venture, DragonArtist15.